The three photos above were taken when Decoy wasn’t quite five months old yet.

Decoy has tons of charisma! He may be the youngest one in the pack but he never gets left behind.

(Photo taken January 20, 2024)



DOB: August 15, 2023

Scotiapride’s Roscoe Ruby

Oakley of Babine


Decoy is one smart pup! By three months of age would he sit, lie down, do a high five, shake left, do paws up, and roll over. He could also ring the bell on the door to go out but because he likes being able to have his own personal doorman I sometimes have to take the bell away. He’s handsome,  has a huge personality and is full of love. He likes to play with Zunga and the two of them curl up on the bed and sleep together. Decoy’s full pedigree can be found on k9data.com.



Pedigree of “Scotiapride’s Eastwest Decoy “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Oakley of Babine

Gus King
Gracie Butch
Rosie II

Scotiapride’s Roscoe Ruby

Scotiapride’s Restigouche Red Skye Littleriver’s Radko
Novapride’s Foxy Scarlett
Littleriver’s Ravishing Ruby Littleriver’s Duck Dynasty
Littleriver’s Jazzman