Our Puppies

East West Toller puppies are raised in our home and are heavily socialized. Puppies are sent to their new homes at 8 to 10 weeks of age and are sold on a CKC non-breeding or CKC co-ownership agreements. New owners receive a health and temperament guarantee on their new puppy, a puppy package with goodies and information.

EAST WEST Duck Toller puppies are sold to approved homes only. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy please contact isabelle@prliving.ca and I will send you a puppy questionnaire. We are expecting a litter at the end of January 2024 – our female was bred with Oryxes Rainkist Pocket Rocket Rebel – a lovely young boy owned by Krista Wendland and Liz Aberdeen. If that timing works with you, please contact me so we can see if you would be a good fit for one of our puppies. I am looking for show/performance homes as well pet homes. The questionnaire will help us vet our applicants, and it will also help us match the right puppy to the applicant.

Our goal is to produce healthy, structurally sound dogs with exceptional temperaments, true to the breed standard.  We believe early sensory stimulation in puppies will set them up for a successful, well -balanced future. Our puppies are raised using the Puppy Culture Method.

If you are interested in a puppy please contact isabelle@prliving.ca to begin the conversation. You can also phone me at 604 483 1786.


Please contact us before filling out a puppy application.



Email address:

Phone number:



You live in:


Rent or Own?

Is yard fenced?


Please list all who currently live in your home and ages?


Does anyone have animal allergies?

Do you currently have pets?

If yes, please list

If no, have you had a dog in the past?

If yes, what breed(s)?

What happened to them?

Puppy questions

What is it about Tollers that make you want one?

Have you spent time with Tollers? Please elaborate:


What do you plan to do with your Toller?

  1. strictly pet
  2. dog sports like obedience/agility/scentwork
  3. conformation/show
  4. hunting
  5. breeding
  6. other

If you answered other, please explain:

If you answered pet only, please explain how you will meet the high energy

needs of a Toller:

Are you on other breeder waiting lists?


If yes, who?

Breeder Questions

Are you willing to follow the breeder’s recommendation of limited vaccines, ie parvo/distemper?


If no, what vaccines do you plan to do?


Are you willing to take a minimum of two sets of obedience classes?


If no, how do you plan to adequately train your pup?

Many breeders are happy to just sell you a pup and not be in contact with their buyers. We are not that type of breeder. We pride ourselves in keeping wonderful relationships with our puppy people, by email, phone, visits, lots of picture sharing. We want to maintain open communication with our homes. This is important to us. If you are not willing to continue with a life-long relationship, we are not the type of breeders for you.

Are you willing to share pictures, contact us for training advice, health advice for the life of your Toller?


What is your expectation of a breeder?

It is part of our contract that if under any circumstance that you can no longer keep your dog, that we must be notified first before any other arrangements for the dog are made. Are you OK with this?


Do you have a preference to sex of the pup?

doesn’t matter

Are you aware of health issues associated with the breed?


Would you like more information at this time?


Would you consider a co-ownership? In order to provide the best of training, care and attention to their own dogs, breeders seek people willing to keep their pups intact(not spayed or neutered) to keep their breeding program diverse and healthy.