Although Tollers are generally health, problems do crop up. Breeders of today have the ability to have genetic testing specific to their breed which helps reduce the risk of hereditary issues.

We strive to produce dogs that are sound, healthy and true to the breed standard and abide by the NSDTR Club of Canada Code of Ethics.

All dogs used in our breeding program are subject to a full panel of health tests. Jigs had the Toller panel of tests carried out through UC Davis Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Genetics Laboratory; her hips and elbows , eyes and thyroid tested through the OFA (Orthopaedic Foundation For Animals) and and supplementary tests including through GenSol Diagnostics for Collie Eye Anomaly (clear-normal); Degenerative Myelopathy  (clear-normal): Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (clear-normal).

The stud, Blue Ridge Mountain Ranger, also had a full panel of health tests done. I am happy to provide copies of all test results.

We advocate limited vaccinations.